When Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

If you've noticed an increase in bills or more dust in your home, it may be time to change your furnace filter. Learn how to tell when it's time for a replacement.

When Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

If you've noticed your bills going up, or your home is more dusty than usual, it could be time to change your furnace filter. The best way to tell if it needs replacing is to hold it up to a bright light. If you can still see the light through the filter, then the air is still passing through. If the filter is gray and covered in dust and dirt, it's time to replace it.

The basic consensus among HVAC professionals is that you should replace your oven filter every 90 days or every three months. Once you have removed and disposed of the existing filter, all you have to do is attach the new one and make sure that the arrows match the part of the airflow. Using two filters could allow you to easily fall into the jammed filter trap depending on the type of filter holders your system has. A clogged air filter will cause your HVAC system to work overtime because you have to use more force to push the same amount of air through the filter.

Clean filters don't require as much energy from your HVAC system to function properly as a dirty air filter does. Doors and windows that are left open allow dust and outdoor air pollutants to build up in your home and add an extra layer of dirt to air filters. The filters are designed to be positioned in a certain direction and collect dust and particles for a certain period of time and then thrown into the trash. If it's too full or clogged, your oven will take longer to do its job.

Once the filter is full and dirty, it cannot prevent future allergens and particles from passing through the air. If the fan in your heater is on constantly, you will need to change the filter every month, having it turned on will sometimes be every two months and never having it turned on may be every three months. Using a schedule such as changing oven filters every three months, regardless of how dirty the filter is, can waste time and money. It's important to understand when it's time to change your oven filter so that your HVAC system doesn't suffer a stroke.